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Rap Script brings you endless inspiration for your freestyle raps.Use this tool to improve your rap skills: look for new rhymes, words plays, punchlines or tell a story with all the words.Rap Script is the ideal training tool for the next rap cypher or freestyle battle.

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Dont want to fall short, end up staring at my feet, cause prosperity is something i envision to meet See ive learned in my lifetime you have to be greatfull, for all the things you can do if your willing and able. Without much effort im outbidding that shxt u submitting... You've been "listening" to all types of rap since u were a "youth"...

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My sprite is poison, one sip, bitch i say for ya’ll good night (Hook x2) And why this underground so looks like kindergarten?

They have no rules to teach me how to rapin I swear they will disquss my flow and style but Back in my studio, play this beat and make random freestyle U really think i leave this busyness only cose they want it?

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