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He called it the position number of a particular element in the periodic table.

According to him,‘Atomic number of an element is equal to the number of protons in the nucleus of the atom of that element.’ Atomic number, therefore, was referred to as the ‘proton number' of an element.

He made a great contribution towards the understanding of atomic structure and quantum mechanics.

He was awarded the Nobel prize in Physics in 1922, mainly for his work on atoms at the age of 37.

He and his student Rutherford were the first to demonstrate the ionization of air by X-rays.

Neils Bohr He was a great Danish Physicist who obtained his doctorate in theoretical Physics in 1911.

Therefore, the mass number of an atom can be obtained by rounding off the experimental value of atomic mass to the nearest whole number.The ejected electrons were termed as photo-electrons. He was awarded the Nobel prize for his theory in 1927, which is called as the COMPTON EFFECT.This was proposed by Einstein and he was awarded Nobel prize in 1905 for his work on photons. When x rays of a wavelength struck a sample of graphite, an electron was ejected and the x-rays scattered at an angle had longer wavelength.2.According to the electromagnetic theory; any moving object will continuously be losing energy.Determination of Atomic Number Mosley brought forward the idea of atomic number.

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