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THIS IS WHAT CLAY DOUGLAS BEGAN EXPOSING WITH HIS MAGAZINES AND RADIO SHOWS. He was jealous of the Sun and so he made Lucifer the Devil and made the first commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before me).ORDER AND READ "MYSTERY BABYLON, THE NEW WORLD ORDER UNVEILED" WAR BY DECEPTION - THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT! The fact that the first 3 commandments are all about him LORD God indicates his desire for power (the same desire for power we see in the controlling parasites along with their need for commandments, aka laws.) I suppose he tossed in the other commandments just so it wasnt ALL about him.If you’re concerned, stick with unpackaged, whole food sources of starch that are naturally gluten free, like fruit, potatoes, squash, and root vegetables.

That said, I have heard of people reacting to eating foods labeled gluten free, which may be a matter of how much they’re eating, as well as the severity of their sensitivity.The same cross-contamination risk may be true for the many other fast food chains that now have gluten-free or gluten-sensitive menus, including Arby’s, Chik-fil-A, and Wendy’s.In fact, Burger King even states that the options aren’t intended for people with celiac disease.A warning: Make sure that you have many copies, massively circulated before going very public. We are a rock solid Company looking for good, dependable people. Jesus is called the Son of God and much of the story of Jesus is a metaphor for the Sun.The bullseye on your back will multiply in magnitude. I have not done any editing though there were a couple of early typos. So, if Lucifer is the light, aka Sun-God, then this suggests that Jesus and Lucifer are one and the same.

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