Rain and jeon ji hyun dating ashlee simpson dating 2016

I would prefer you ❤ I fell in love with you since you starred in the drama "Sorry, I Love You" . ) Kisses from CA Oh, that I were *cough cough* years younger. I will support him, and very looking forward for his activity right now. I just love his acting in Master's sun, oh my venus, i'm sorry i love you (one of the best classic korean drama of all times) and the movie always (2011). I'm looking forward to his upcoming movie the battlefield. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Professionally I think So Ji Sub is one of those great male actors that can do anything they put their minds too. I've watched some of so jisub k drama and I find very good in acting ..he' s a natural born actor .can see that he' very serious and focused in every project snd movies that he had.. I am so glad you did not do any enhancement to them because they're really your trademark. But what I admire most about you is that you seem to be a very humble person. ) Korean movies are great and very realistic and there are usually not many miracles in them.

the drama made my eyes swell from watching it, it was the best drama for me. Everything of yours I can watch online, I'm devouring. He truly a good actor, he has talent to move someone heart through his act. I watch korean drama but not fan of any korean actors since i started watch Oh my Vinus its cute couple,currently watching CAIN &ABEL even dont have english subtittle , i think its a biblical name a brother who wants to kill his brother abel because of jelousy and insecurities and power,im , rare to do a comment, So ji sub have a charisma even he do a serious role the people will watch him have a wide smile on their face, best assets of ji sub is his lips and eyes that all girls to see you in person somewhere out there over the rain bow hahaha, looking forward of your up coming project. I always have a high expectations in his projects and his acting never fails. I wouldn't have noticed him if my ahjumma didn't encourage me to watch his "rom-com", Oh My Venus. I've watched his drama and film and it's making me like him more. I hope you'll come back in drama land soon and paired with beautiful and competent actress. You have an amazing ability to capture your emotions and beam them through your eyes. Loved you in Oh my Venus and that got me onto your other dramas and films. You also seem to possess a quiet strength which comes across forcefully in your acting. They are good very good thank you for being such a good actor.

I have seen many tv drama by many Korean actors and I find Oh My Venus is one of the best and entertaining drama shown on KBS. I notice him because a friend of mine has said to me that i must watch oh my venus. I will follow your next works & Wish you all the best .. He's perfect and i want him and Gong Hyo Jin together, it can't be other girl, celebrity. im watching masters sun and OMG HE IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!

Your outstanding acting coupled with Mina's daring sexy act make the series interesting and worth watching. I gotta say that she was just right cause i got to meet such amazing actor i been following his work. They have so mch chemistry, they are perfecttttttttt 사랑해요 소지섭씨❤❤❤ this is my first time to comment in here.. hes soooooo hot, handsome, cute, funny, adorable, fluffy, awesome :3 :3 his smirk is soooo sexy and his expressions are sooo funny!! :3 :3 hes AWESOME : D I can't believe this was your first comedic role because your Joong Won is so wonderful. Most of the drama makes you feel as if you are living and feeling in synchronize with the characters, you just can feel it in the deepest of your soul.

I hope this year I will heard a good news that I'm very sure most of fans have been waiting for it. Here's some roles he did that either portrayed him as clumsy or loud: Joa Joa, he starred this drama with the famous Kim Sun Ah: https:// He plays as a designer and here's a clip of him dancing very weirdly. v=6Rkk1z D8bcg And here's his cameo in a Historical Film called Sado. v=i X3xbp6GJCs I'm not attacking you in any way since I somewhat agree with your statement : D. on your new release 'So Ganzi' today....brilliant work, absolutely! Younha) and singer (check out his cover of the song Yuki No Hana "Snow Flower"). hope to see you here in Manila Philippines or shall I say ill be the one goin there in Seoul??? i sleep late at night watching all your other korean dramas and films like Cain and Abel, Phantom, Road No.1, Sorry I Love you and etc. i hope that i could see you someday,,, keep up the good work and Goodluck for your future projects too.care and God bless hi, i really love your movie The Master Sun, your so handsome, and I really like the way you said GET LOST, your my man, hope i could see you someday or maybe in my dreams laughs...hehehehe anyways keep up the good work, god bless like you a lot...... I wanna date him.....: D He's the best of all Korean actors with the most amazing chrisma.After Ji-Sub's breakout performance in "Sorry, I Love You" his acting career was placed on hold starting in February, 2006 while he served his mandatory two year military requirement. Actually i really love the way he playing 'John Kim'. ❤ I'm not a fan of any actors as well, especially in Korean movie or drama's.. All the best to him with his work and personal life. :) I'm not the person who actually like/love or get addicted with K Drama or K Actor.After Ji-Sub's discharge in April, 2007, he then signed on for the relatively low-budget film "Rough Cut" scripted & produced by Ki-duk Kim. well u got me since after I've watch ur role in " oh! After watched OMV series and notice actor, Sojisub, my feeling is change.I hope to see you on the screen soon with Park Shin-Hye for your new project with the romantic comedy drama genre. In this times, I wish I exist in the fantasy world with you. I normally don't have a 'thing' for any celebrity, but you, Sir, have made an impression on me. Shin Min Ah played his trainee/lover very well too, it's nice to see another unnie with dimples. I have unhealthy obsession on him, i think i fell in love into his soul. After wandering into all things about him, from youtube and 1250 page at soompi forum i got deeper and deeper fell into his charm. I am not talking about a physical strength, but a spiritual strength that has developed due to something(s) you have experienced in your life. Marlis His best drama to date is still (I'm sorry, I love You). I really love this actor eversince I 've watched The Master's Sun from then I followed and wathced all his dramas and movies every now and then over youtube.You guys have similar faces, i guess the chemistry between you would be great. Personally I think So Ji Sub is a more mature and more arrogant Lee min Ho and I guess that's why I adore him. I have seen you in 'Sorry, I love you' and 'My Venus' , I have also followed some of your interviews on utube,and have read your biography. I've watched a handful of your interviews, and I can freely say, you seem vastly down to earth, and yeah, that's a compliment. I've watched most of the drama series you've been in, and can gladly say that I've enjoyed and loved each one. It is so good, and they get many award for the drama (although i dont know why it is not included in this page). Y'all should watch this, easily best 5 korean drama ever. i have been watched your drama i like it so much brotherr. God give the great talent to you, you're so mature :). Despite of Mster's Sun my other favorites were Road No.!

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