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The main Ti Vo Bolt Vox will come in a couple of flavors.The quad-tuner edition is ready for cable TV or cord-cutter friendly antenna viewing, with either 500GB or 1TB of storage inside and a price that starts at 0 before you add on the required service package.A 3TB version ready for 450 hours of recording via six built-in cable tuners will also be available, along the new Ti Vo Mini Vox extender that costs 0.Updated Sept 25th 2017 - Update hard drive listing including new, more reliable, Tivo Bolt hard drives. Updated Oct 18th 2016 - Add note about Windows 7 compatibility mode for MFSR on Windows 10 (thanks Arch) and add caution about 4TB Seagate 2.5" drive reliability.Now let’s step through the installation of Pavtube software. Take Pavtube HD Video Converter as an example, after downloading the install package via the download link, you double-click the install package, and a screen like this will pops up… Click ‘Next’ to continue, and it will switch to License Agreement window, tick off ‘I accept the agreement’ before clicking ‘Next’ to continue… Now it asks you to select a folder to install the app. You may click ‘Next’ to adopt default location (C:\Program Files\Pavtube\HD Converter) or click ‘Browse’ to specify a desired location then click ‘Next’… Select start menu folder, still you may click ‘Next’ to adopt default location or click ‘Browse’ to specify a desired location then click ‘Next’… You may tick ‘Create a Desktop icon’ to create a shortcut for the app, and tick ‘Create a Quick Launch icon’ to add it to Quick launch bar. Of course, if you're sticking with an older Ti Vo there will be software upgrades, and you can add on the new voice remote.It costs to bring it to the original Bolt DVR, while Roamio/Mini owners are charged for the remote and an accompanying Bluetooth adapter.

I got an error message saying that there wasn’t enough memory! I’m scouring the net trying to figure out how to get around this.Some other posts on the net start delving into removing or moving files off the GPS. One useful thing about the Nuvi is that the files inside it appear as a USB drive. And it found the weird address in Landsdale that my Dad was looking for.So I could see that it only had 33MB free of 250MB. I first copied ALL the files over to my laptop, and then progressed to deleting off Voice and Text files for languages that my Dad wouldn’t need and deleting off the example images in the JPEG folder. So, if you’re having problems updating maps – check out how much free space there is left in your GPS, take a backup (copy) of everything on there, clear out unnecessary files, and google “gmapprom.img” if you need to move the pre-loaded maps off.Luckily, when I registered the Nuvi, we were informed that he could get one free map upgrade! (Although, I was thinking – shouldn’t EVERYONE get free map upgrades for their GPS?I’m somehow getting free updates for my Tom Tom GPS on the i Phone.

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